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A word from our Owners

Family construction businesses that thrive for more than 60 years and pass from generation to generation to generation are rare. Take a closer look at Tiles Excavating, and you will see the qualities that separate us from the norm.

We are a company founded on solid principles centered on family values and a solid work ethic. This foundation permeates our company at every level and in every location. We are by design and definition a relationship contractor that utilizes Teamwork, Integrity and Performance to foster partnerships with our employees, customers and communities. While not always the easiest or cheapest path, these principles are what set us apart and allow us to continue building on the lasting foundation set by our father.

The text and photos in this website reveal glimpses into our story and our capabilities. If you see that our values align with yours, we would be happy to discuss opportunities for establishing and furthering a relationship with you.


Jon and Jim Tiles
President and Vice President