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Frank Tiles Sr. founded Frank Tiles and Son's Excavating in 1948, after coming World War II ended, in the west Michigan town of Grand Haven. He began excavating gravel from nearby creeks and delivering it to his neighbors who farmed the land.

Frank's son's Randy and Steve soon joined him. They moved into septic systems, installing public water supplies and sewage collection systems as well as home excavations. They purchased new machinery and hired local employees who understood and shared their work ethic of teamwork, integrity and performance. As the years went by, Frank's six sons all joined the family business to one extent or another.

Jon and Jim started Tiles Excavating in the 1980. It has expanded into general contracting, road building, and a wide variety of residential, commercial and heavy industrial projects.

After more than 60 years, as the company passes from generation to generation, strong family values continue to define our culture. We appreciate the importance of the long-term relationships we've built through the years in our business and community.